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Frequently Asked Questions

Helping You Navigate Your Recovery Journey

Common Questions

Explore our frequently asked questions to gain clarity on your recovery process at Alpha Recovery Center.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Alpha Recovery, our motto, “Love is greater than fear,” underscores our commitment to individualized care. While we offer a comprehensive range of treatments, our distinct therapies and continuity of care make the difference. Further details about specific treatments can be discussed directly.

We offer a variety of treatments ranging from inpatient detox to residential and aftercare programs. Each treatment is carefully tailored to individual needs.

You can quickly verify your insurance through our online verification form or by getting in touch with our admissions team.

Currently, all insurance except MediCal is accepted. For program prices and related details, please connect directly with our team.

Yes, we understand the need for convenience during challenging times. Alpha Recovery will assist with your travel requirements.

Yes, we encourage family involvement. Family involvement can be crucial to recovery. Loved ones are welcome to visit, provided you are comfortable with it.

We understand and respect personal choices. Tobacco smoking and nicotine vaping are accommodated on a case-by-case basis.

We allow limited phone and computer use. This ensures focus on recovery while also catering to essential communication needs.

Absolutely. At Alpha Recovery Center, we believe in comprehensive care. We offer aftercare programs and support to ensure a smooth transition back to daily life and to help prevent relapse.

Alpha Recovery Center stands out for its holistic approach, combining medical expertise with a nurturing environment. Our state-of-the-art facilities, experienced professionals, and tailored programs ensure that you or your loved one receive the highest quality of care throughout the recovery journey. We are also faith supporting.

Starting the admissions process is simple. Reach out to our admissions team through our contact page or call us directly. We’ll guide you through the next steps.

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