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Tips and Tools

making salad with leafy greens while in drug addiction recovery

Nutrition and Addiction Recovery: How Healthy Eating Habits Can Benefit Your Recovery Journey

Proper nutrition and addiction recovery is essential in order to reach sobriety. Here are some of the best foods to eat and why they help.
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2024 resolutions

5 Tips to Stay Sober in 2024

We're already into the first month of 2024, and for those of us who have made the resolution to stay sober this year, it's important ...
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discussing treatment with alcoholic loved one

How to Talk To An Alcoholic Family Member About Treatment

It can be extremely difficult to watch a family member struggle with alcoholism. The effects of this disease can be devastating, not just for the ...
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7 Tips to Stop Drinking Alcohol

Are you struggling to change your drinking habits? You are not alone. Many people struggle with limiting or stopping their alcohol consumption. But the good ...
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confident, sober woman

Establishing Healthy Boundaries in Recovery

After detoxing at a drug and alcohol rehab, it’s important to set healthy boundaries for your ongoing journey toward sobriety. Boundaries in addiction act as ...
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money management for recovering addicts

Money Management for Recovering Addicts

Finances can be depleted during an addiction and even in recovery. Here are tips for proper money management for recovering addicts.
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group therapy for addiction

Group Therapy for Addiction Enhances Treatment

Group therapy for addiction can be a huge factor in a successful recovery. Here are the benefits of it and even group therapy topic ideas.
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national sober day

Recognizing Achievements on National Sober Day

National Sober Day is on September 14th. It's a time to congratulate those in recovery, while also sharing stories and resources to others.
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substance abuse group therapy activities

Top 5 Substance Abuse Group Therapy Activities

Substance abuse group therapy activities can be extremely helpful in addiction recovery. Here are 5 you should be aware of.
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happy labor day weekend

Stories of Triumph in Recovery for a Happy Labor Day

Having a happy Labor Day weekend in recovery can be tough. Here are success stories that inspire you to never give up and keep pushing ...
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