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The Long-Term Effects of Drugs: Understanding the Consequences and Seeking Help

Drug use, whether recreational or habitual, has profound long-term health consequences that extend far beyond the initial euphoria or relief it may provide. While the ...
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discussing signs of drug use in teens with teenager

Early Warning Signs of Drug Use in Teens

Drug use is a growing concern among teenagers today. With the increasing pressure to fit in, teens may turn to drugs as a means of ...
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12 steps of na

The 12 Steps of Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and What They Mean

The 12 steps of NA offer a structured path towards addiction recovery. Here is what each of those steps mean and how they can help ...
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Ativan vs. Klonopin

Ativan vs. Klonopin: Everything You Need to Know

Ativan vs Klonopin is a common debate among benzo users. But what are the similarities and differences between them? Find out here.
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Fentanyl’s Dangerous Evolution: San Francisco’s Latest Struggle

A deadly new strain of fentanyl has found its way onto the streets of San Fransisco. By increasing awareness and action, it can be stopped.
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heroin addiction

Am I Drowning in Heroin Addiction?

If you're struggling to overcome heroin addiction, the best solution is to turn to treatment. Here is how it can help you if you feel ...
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meth addiction

Love and Loss: Exploring the Dark Side of Meth in Relationships

Meth addiction hurts not only the user, but the relationship with someone else as well. This is how you can repair that bond.
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kensington alpha blog

Kensington’s Zombie Epidemic: Uncovering the Hidden Causes

Kensington, a neighborhood in Philadelphia, has a drug problem, causing residents to act like zombies because of their addiction.
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Dr. Eric Chaghouri

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