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About Us

Where Personalized Care and Compassionate Support Meet

Meet Alpha Recovery Center: Your Partner in Recovery

At Alpha Recovery, our ethos isn't just a statement; it's a promise.

We are committed to ensuring that every individual is met with compassion, understanding, and most importantly, love. In the battle against addiction, it's love that empowers, uplifts, and heals.

Our team, treatments, and environment all reflect this unwavering commitment:


our mission

Our Mission: Empowering Your Journey to Recovery from Substance Abuse

From your first call to your continued aftercare, ‘Love is Greater than Fear’ underpins every interaction, therapy session, and decision. Here’s how we ensure that our guiding philosophy touches every part of your recovery journey.

personal empowerment

Personal Empowerment

We believe in the power of personal transformation. Through our recovery programs, we aim to empower you to reclaim control over your life.

holistic healing

Holistic Healing

We focus on healing the whole person, not just treating the addiction. Our approach integrates medical care, mental health support, and wellness practices.

Nurturing Environment

Nurturing Environment

At Alpha Recovery Center, we provide a safe and supportive environment that nurtures growth and strengthens recovery every step of the way.

Our Facility


Discover An Oasis Unlike Any Other

Located in rural Lancaster, California, Alpha Recovery Center’s serene and relaxing environment is designed to block out distractions so you can focus on becoming the best version of yourself. Browse our gallery and see why our facility could be just what you’re looking for.

Quality Care, Lasting Recovery

Why Choose Alpha Recovery Center?

Choosing Alpha Recovery Center means choosing a team devoted to your recovery. Discover the reasons why we could be the right choice for you or your loved one.

Personalized Care

We tailor each recovery program to the individual, ensuring the most effective and supportive care.

Holistic Approach

We treat the whole person — body, mind, and spirit — for comprehensive recovery.

Experienced Professionals

Our team of dedicated professionals has years of experience in addiction recovery.

Continuous Support

We're committed to providing ongoing support to help maintain long-term recovery.